Get to know me a little
bit better.

My name is Christine Marie Elise Kat and I am a multidisciplinary hair and make-up artist based in Amsterdam. My main focus lies within the fashion industry, helping brands create looks that portray their signature style and feel, may that be really artsy or very natural and subtle. I like collaborating with other innovative minds to create new distinguished work that stands out but is also timeless and captivating. Building and creating unique yet subtle visual art work with teams that share a similar vision is where my passion truly lies.

Having a drive to learn more, I always try to take part in Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London and Amsterdam to keep growing, inspiring and motivating myself. To keep on the cutting edge I continually learn to master new skills by taking courses for new techniques or specialisations within the hair and make-up industry. 

Studio Christine Marie is my boutique studio/atelier and salon in Amsterdam. This is where I work by appointment only to give my clients a personal experience, use for beauty photoshoots, and prep art for upcoming projects. To see more or to book an appointment please go to my studio page.

Check out my other pages to see more of my work, video’s, publications and clients I have had the opportunity to work with. To find more information please don’t hesitate to visit my contact page to download sedcards and/or my resume.